Extremely Easy Software

We believe most software, especially software written for business, is too complex. This complexity leads to the software not being used correctly, leads to staff dissatisfaction and frustration, and negatively impacts productivity.

Computing@home is committed to designing software that very simple to use. You and your staff should be able to use our software without reading the manual.

All software written in the Extremely Easy series will be of:

  • Menu-less design.
  • No toolbars.
  • Essentially one form or window design.
  • Limited nag messages.
  • Will never need an internet connection (other than installing).
  • Once only cost of $199.
  • Lifetime licence; never any upgrade costs.
  • Never asks to upgrade.
  • Site licence only - install on all or any computers on the same network, without further registration.

The first title is a Customer Order Tracker. This desktop software application will install on all computers in your network, and track Cusomer Orders, Customer Quotes, and even Staff To-Do lists - all on one screen. Please read more by using the links.

New - Club Members Manager

In a club? Sporting team? Then this program might be for you. Manage your membership list and contact members easily by email or SMS with this simple application. The good new? It is free fro clubs under 100 members (which really is most clubs) and for use as a single application (no networking capability).